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Andalucia Drought Alert


Last update 20/02/2024


Please find below some information regarding the current water situation, and steps being taken by the Andalucian Government to reduce the impact to residents and visiting tourists.

  • Since mid November 2023, Andalucía has been on a drought warning due to low levels of water in reservoirs. At Sunset Beach Club, we have been pro-active in encouraging guests to use water responsibly. Restrictions (similar to hosepipe ban in UK) have also been in place for local residents in some towns since late 2023. The Andalucian Government has made a statement to guarantee adequate water supply to all residents and tourists. Investment in infrastructure to improve water regeneration and sea water treatment is taking place.

We are hoping for some much-needed rainfall in the coming weeks and months, but in the meantime, whilst the Drought Warning is in place, we will post brief updates on this page:

  • Please note that there is no reason for alarm for guests of Sunset Beach Club!
  • Sunset Beach Club Swimming Pools are open as usual.
  • We encourage guests to use water responsibly and avoid wastage. Please see notice below.
  • Water supply in the hotel and accommodation will not be noticeably affected. We have reduced water pressure within the hotel, to play our part in reducing water flow and consumption in general.
  • The mains supply does reduce water pressure between 00h-06h, except for Saturdays. However, the hotel supply comes through a large water deposit tank, so even when the supply is reduced locally at night, guests will only notice a minimal reduction in water pressure in the hotel.
  • Sunset Beach Club is committed to the environment, and to complying with any measures put in place by the authorities to reduce water consumption, as necessary.


We would like to thank all guests for their cooperation in using water wisely!

 Here are some ways you can help:

  • Turn tap off when brushing your teeth.
  • Use the minimum flush button on the toilet when possible.
  • Turn the water off when soaping up in the shower


Thank you for your cooperation.
The Management, Sunset Beach Club