Ethical Channel


Our Code of Ethics plays an integral part in everyday work, and is a vital factor in creating confidence and an authentic seal of approval from our clients and the market beyond, who also give this subject great importance. In the name of SUNSET BEACH CLUB we expect all our employees to behave in accordance with the highest code of ethics, supported by their desire to do the right thing.
In order to support this objective, the management of SUNSET BEACH CLUB has approved a Code of Ethics that guides all employees as to how to behave when faced with situations that are ethically difficult to deal with, and have at their disposal an Ethics Channel through which they can communicate and denouce possible irregularities committed within the company. 


Our Code of Ethics has the objective of establishing values and principal ethics that reflect those of the company, and all administrators, directors, employees and other persons whose activities submit expressly to the Code of Ethics must follow them when carrying out their duties, in line with the company's general rules of conduct.
A violation of our Code of Ethics is considered a serious offence which will bear consquences to the infractor or to any person who knows of an infraction and fails to communicate it.


The Ethics Channel is a tool which allows for any potentially irregular activities that may suppose an infraction of the Ethics Code or delinquency to be reported in a confidential manner. 


At SUNSET BEACH CLUB we consider having an Ethics Channel an opportunity to improve our organization, and allow us to detect any behaviour that is contrary to our ethical principals and solve any possible doubts with regards to situations that are not clear, or are ambiguous, and that may compromise our principals and values.
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